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The Benefits of Living Near a Beach

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Community Life February 18, 2020

Think back to your first memory of visiting the beach, how did the sand feel between your toes? Did you run straight into the water or check the temperature with your fingers first? How soon after leaving did you ask when you’d be able to go back? While there’s no real formula for recreating that moment, spending everyday like you’re on permanent vacation by choosing to live near the coast comes close. Whether you want to have your morning coffee as you watch the sunrise or chase every wave, here are some of the things you can do when you live near a beach in a Greystar apartment:


Make every meal a memory

Bonfire with Friends | Greystar


Cooking outdoors and enjoying your meal in nature is truly magical, add a bonfire on a public beach and your picnic is instantly elevated. There are three things to consider before spending your evenings dining al fresco:

  1. Weather –A sunny day is always best, however no matter how brightly the sun shines even if there is a faint breeze in the air, the wind is going to blow away your freshly lit flames. The perfect weather for outdoor cooking remains dry and warm, but if you can’t wait for the wind to subside pre-pack a picnic of sandwiches and cold cuts until the elements are more peaceful. 

  2. Location Where you choose to dine is all part of the experience. Our top tips are to set up camp somewhere picturesque, far away from the tide which will gradually creep in and in the opposite direction to the way the wind is blowing to avoid sandy burgers and saladsIt is also worth considering how many people are around you, will the smoke from your bonfire impact those nearby or will someone’s volleyball accidentally land in your lap?

  3. Cuisine The big question: BBQ, baked goods or the more traditional triangle cut sandwiches? Deciding what you want to eat is one of the most important factors for the perfect outdoor meal.

Before you don your apron for some beach fun be sure to find out if there are any rules or restrictions surrounding outdoor cooking by the shore. If having someone else preparing your dinner as you take in the sunset sounds closer to your idea of bliss, then simply opt for the nearest beach café and find a table for the evening. Our apartments for rent in Orange County boast the very best amenities in locations neat the most popular beaches.

Try a brand-new sport

Playing Volleyball | Greystar

Challenge yourself by open water swimmingEven the most accomplished swimmers will tell you that swimming in the ocean is completely different to swimming in a pool. When you factor in changing currents, temperature and the sporadic appearance of waves; open sea swimming becomes the ultimate test of endurance. If you fancy braving the elements then investing in the right equipment will make all the difference, choose an open water suit for colder climes, high-visibility accessories likneon goggles and swim cap; and if it is your first time consider going out in a pair or group until you’re more familiar with adapting to ever-changing conditions. 

Not quite ready for open water swimmingThankfully there are so many more sport activities you can partake in when you live near a sandy beach, for instance you can start volleyball tournament or switch running on concrete for sand. Running on sand provides a more intense workout as it builds your muscle strength and can burn more calories compared to running on a treadmill.  Low impact exercise like beach volleyball or netball are both great options for bigger groups and can be organized within your Greystar community Facebook page if you need to round up playersTo find out more, schedule a tour of our apartments for rent in Daytona Beach which are conveniently located near all the main tourist destinations in Florida.

Build your home by the sea 

Sunrise | Greystar

Year-round access to the ocean is an unbeatable perk of having a public beach close by. There is something quite invigorating about feeling the cool breeze of salty air on your face on a wintery afternoon or waking up to see the sunrise on a summer’s dayFresh air for the whole family is also a great benefit and whether you live by yourself, with an entire family or a little four-legged friend the advantages of sea-side living apply to all. 

Remember, finding a home with Greystar significantly improves your chances of living in a pet-friendly apartment, and for those fortunate enough to be a pet parent the importance of living near a large outdoor space becomes a key priority. Search for a dog friendly beach near you and let your pet splash around whilst you take a leisurely stroll or watch on with a good book in hand.

The list of activities you can do when you live near a beach in a Greystar apartment is endless. While we love the sea, if you prefer green spaces to the water, read our article on the benefits of living near a park.


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