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Space-Saving Tricks for Apartment Living

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Lifestyle August 5, 2015

No matter how big your Greystar apartment is, there never seems to be enough space to store all of your stuff. To avoid living in clutter or writing a check for an expensive storage unit every month, we have a few tricks that will be a serious game changer — whether you’re living alone or sharing a space.

The space

One of the best space-saving tips for apartments is to take advantage of all of those empty areas hiding in plain sight — you know, the places that tend to collect dust like behind the couch or dining room table. The back of doors and in between the refrigerator and kitchen wall are spaces that everyone has but aren’t utilized to their full potential. Make use of your vertical space by installing individual shelves or purchasing tall and thin book shelves. In the bedroom, bed risers are an excellent way to make room for storing more stuff and can be hidden easily with a long bed skirt.

The furniture

Consider investing in some space-saving furniture. Pieces like storage ottomans and foldable tables can go a long way when it comes to making space for your everyday activities. Murphy beds are also great for freeing up some room when you want to do a little yoga or entertain friends (check with your community manager about rules for Murphy beds). Avoid large, wide and bulky furniture and stick to thinking vertically.

The closet

Even in the most generous walk-in closets, it can be difficult accommodating all of those beloved outfits, accessories and shoes you can’t live without. One of the easiest ways to free up space is to get organized by season. Unless you have the space to spare, there’s no reason you should have winter coats hanging in your closet in July — especially if you live in places like Texas, Florida and California. Consider storing clothes and accessories you only use a few months out of the year in a plastic bin under the bed or in vacuum seal bags. Don’t forget to label your bins and bags by season to save yourself some time when you’re ready to bust out those fall sweaters! 

Another way to create more space in your closet is to not limit yourself to one item per hanger. Hanging multiple garments together using simple objects you already have around the house — such as soda can tabs and s-hooks—  will help you optimize your space. (It also makes it look like you have less clothes, in case you’re trying to justify that weekend shopping spree.) Storing more than just clothing in your closet? We all do it! The wall space over the door is a great place for putting an extra shelf or hanging luggage, purses or holiday wreaths on hooks.

The rule

While these tips and tricks can go a long way for making more space in a small apartment, the easiest rule for creating more room is to get rid of what you’re not using. Whether it’s that sweater you haven’t worn since the winter of ’09, those half-used cosmetics you gave up on two years ago or the stack of books you never did open, it’s time to move on. Consider setting aside a couple of days every year in which you go through your stuff and decide what can be donated and what can go straight to the trash. It may take some time, but you’ll be glad you did it. 

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