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Simple Accents to Change a Room

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Lifestyle January 19, 2018

Decorating your Greystar apartment can make your home feel more like you. Fortunately, making a room feel distinctly you is simple. You can get creative, since accents can come in many forms. Here are a few ideas that can change the look of your entire room.

Strong Pops of Color

Bold color makes a huge difference to a space, especially when you selectively choose how you want to employ those colors. A few elements that draw your eye can make a room feel totally different. Adding color to a room can come in many forms. Art on the walls, a book on your coffee table, a small vase on a bookshelf are all great ideas to introduce bold colors into your room.  Pick something vibrant that reflects your personal style, like the Wes Anderson Collection coffee table book.

 (The Wes Anderson Collection via Amazon.com)

Change the lighting

We’ve talked before about how lighting can change the room, but sometimes the lighting doesn’t even need to be turned on to make a room feel different. There are many different types of lamps that stand on their own as a conversation piece. Unusual shapes can change the entire tone of a room even when the lights are turned off. Consider finding a floor lamp or a table lamp that works both as a source of light and as a conversation starter. Take some time to find the perfect lamp for your space. We love this uniquely shaped floor lamp from World Market, but your choice should reflect who you are and the tone you want for your apartment.

Walnut Wood Floor Lamp from World Market.

Turn Utility into Art

When we think about accents, we typically think of things that add aesthetic value to a room but not much else. However, there are plenty of room elements that can be turned from pure utility into accents. Things like tables, coasters, even trashcans can bring a unique style to a space while also serving as useful items. For example, this sleek looking table from AllModern.com can serve as a centerpiece to a room all on its own.

Jeddo Coffee Table from AllModern.com

Get Creative

Not every accent needs to be bought from the store. Some accents can easily be made on your own. You will find that creating accents can often be less expensive than buying them already made from the store or online. Even better, when your guests remark on your latest accent, you can proudly say that you made it!

When you put the right accents in the right places, you can change the feel of an entire room. Get creative and spend some time to make your Greystar apartment distinctly yours. 

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