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City Guides: Tacoma, Natural Living in the Pacific Northwest

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For Residents November 15, 2017

There are many reasons to move to Tacoma. You could come for the revitalized business sector, the fantastic food options, and the great places to live (there are quite a few well-appointed Greystar communities in the area!), but many people move to Tacoma to experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Home to some fantastic parks and bustling businesses, Tacoma finds the perfect balance between urban living and nature’s splendor.

If you are planning on moving to one of our Greystar apartments in Tacoma, Washington, you should know what it’s like to live in the area. We’ve put together this city guide to help give you the inside scoop, sourced from locals in the area.

Green Grass Grows All Around

People living in Tacoma love their outdoor adventures. From hiking and kayaking to biking and boating, Tacoma residents get outdoors and experience nature, and it’s easy to see why. Surrounding the area are some of the best parks in the country, but you can stay in the city and still enjoy nature thanks to Point Defiance Park, one of the largest urban parks in the country. Outside of the city, you can visit Kopachuck State Park, Chambers Bay, and Point Ruston.

Thriving Culture

Tacoma is also home to some beloved museums and sites. The Museum of Glass is a favorite among visitors and locals alike, accessed via a unique Bridge of Glass; its steel cone is one of Tacoma’s iconic landmarks. The LeMay Car Museum showcases over 300 vehicles, from vintage classics to modern mechanic marvels. Beyond museums, Tacoma also plays host to festivals and special events, including Taste of Tacoma, an annual celebration of delicious food, and Zoolights, which transforms the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium into a winter wonderland. The University of Washington Tacoma puts on regular exhibits, invites the public to attend sporting events, and has a great performing arts school.

Drivers Welcome

Tacoma has a number of public transportation options, but most people opt to use a car. The public transportation network includes a commuter rail, light rail, and bus services; however, exploring much of the city, especially the outskirts, is best done by a car. Tacoma is a fairly walkable city, and pedestrian conditions are improving every year.

Tasting Tacoma

Exploring the city opens up culinary delights. Tacoma residents love good food and drinks, and the city delivers. Fresh seafood and locally sourced produce are the name of the game for many restaurants in the area. Tacoma residents love going on brewery tours and then heading to a favorite restaurant, like The Matador or The Red Hot. Food is an important part of a Tacoma resident’s everyday life, which is why there is so much good food to be found in the city!

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