City Guides: Greater Puget Sound - Seattle

The Greater Puget Sound area is the gateway to distant lands, but also is home to some of the most untouched and picturesque natural habitats in the country. Surrounded by beautiful wilderness, the major cities of the Greater Puget Sound area are known for their balance between natural and urban landscapes. Seattle is a perfect example of this balance. With diverse entertainment options and vast green spaces both within and just outside the city limits, Seattle invites residents to enjoy the benefit of both worlds. If you are thinking about moving to Seattle, consider one of the many Greystar communities located around the city. Each community offers something for every lifestyle, so find the right Greystar apartment in Seattle for you.

Before moving to the city, here are a few tips for living in Seattle, brought to you by our local Greystar teams.

A Pacific Northwest Renaissance

The entire Puget Sound area has become a favorite destination for Americans, particularly younger generations. Between 2013 and 2016, Seattle was one of the fastest growing major cities in America. Even though more and more people have made Seattle their home, the city itself remains largely the same, known for good food, drinks, and entertainment. With the influx of more people brought even more choices and a surge of new businesses.

Seattle Classics

The Space Needle is by far and away the most iconic landmark of the Seattle skyline. Offering the second-ever revolving restaurant in the world and the first in the US, the Space Needle towers over the city. Located right next to the Space Needle, the Chihuly Gardens and Glass will take your breath away with some awesome exhibits, showcasing the works of prolific artist Dale Chihuly. Another beloved fixture of Seattle is the Pike Place Market. Serving up fresh caught seafood, the market is one of the oldest farmers’ markets in the US still in existence. You can also catch some good deals at the variety of shops located in the area.

Getting Around Seattle

In Seattle proper, a public transportation system offers an alternative way to get around the city. In fact, there are a number of options, including a light rail, bus, and water taxi. Surprisingly, Seattle has the highest percentage of residents that use the public transit system, even higher than New York. If you plan on leaving the city or going someplace without a direct link to the public transit lines, you should stick to a car.

What’s that Sound?

The Puget Sound is a beautiful destination, one of the most pristine places in America. Seattle residents and visitors love exploring the Sound, enjoying water activities, like killer whale spotting, sailing, fishing, and more. If you would prefer to keep your feet on dry land, Mt. Rainier is located nearby, offering skiing, snowboarding, hiking and other mountain activities. Take advantage of being close to the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

If you’re ready to move to Seattle, find the perfect Greystar community for you. Our Seattle apartments are located around the city, offering something for every type of lifestyle.