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City Guides: Austin, the Weird Capital of Texas

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For Residents January 24, 2018

Austin is weird in the best way possible. People living in Austin often march to their own beat, which you can literally hear as you walk through the city thanks to a vibrant live music scene. At the same time, Austin has also become a desirable place to call home due to the prevalence of jobs offered in the city. If you’re thinking about moving to Austin, you should know a few things: 1) you’ll fit in just fine if you love great food, good fun, and embrace the weirdness; 2) Austin is a unique mix of urban living and pristine nature; and 3) Greystar offers some exceptional places to call home around the city.

If you’re thinking about moving to Austin, here are some more tips on what it’s like to live in the city:

Live Music Capital of the World

At this point, most everyone knows the legendary Austin City Limits Music and South by Southwest Music Festivals, bringing in big named acts from around the world in a multi-day celebration of sound. However, in between the big festivals, you can still find live music throughout the city. Local music venues showcase new talent, and you can hear music spilling out onto the street walking through downtown. If you love live music, Austin is the place to be.

Foodie Paradise

Austin made the 2016 Zagat list for hottest food cities and after walking around the city, it’s easy to see why! Serving everything from legendary Texas BBQ to sushi, restaurants around the city are known for big flavor. In true Austin fashion, the city puts its unique take on dining with a plethora of food truck choices and one-of-a-kind trailer eateries. Many restaurants in Austin have adopted the farm-to-table movement, giving diners a great meal that supports and highlights the local area.

Nature Lovers Love Austin

Austin is a large enough city, but it does not feel that way thanks to the prevalence of greenery throughout and surrounding the city. Residents love spending an afternoon at Lady Bird Lake, named after President Lyndon B. Johnson’s wife. The lake offers rowing, paddleboats, kayaking and more. Austin also serves as the gateway to the beautiful Texas Hill Country. For a relaxing excursion, you can also go tubing on nearby rivers and spend an afternoon soaking up the Texas sun, or touring one of the many Hill Country wineries and sampling their wares. A final note: Austin is home to the largest population of Mexican free-tail bats, which live under Congress Street Bridge. Nature lovers will appreciate their breathtaking departure at sunset.

Getting Around

Austin offers a public transportation system that combines rail lines and buses. If you bring a bike to Austin, you can get plenty of use thanks to a nice network of biking trails and biker-friendly roadways. Many people in the city also use Uber, Lyft, or RideAustin, a locally created non-profit rideshare program. If you want to get away even farther, the Austin Bergstrom International Airport is always an option.

Austin’s eclectic personality and healthy economic growth makes the city an attractive place to live. If you are thinking about moving to the city, find the perfect Greystar apartment in Austin for you. With communities all over the city, you will sure find something that fits your needs!

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