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How Greystar Women Are Shaping the Future of Construction

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Written by Sarah Claire Eleazer
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Edited by Maya Fowell
Talent and Culture May 1, 2024

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, we proudly celebrate the women at Greystar who are shaping the future of the construction business through their leadership skills and expertise across our organization. 

Within our Modern Living Solutions division, these women are not only breaking barriers but are helping to set new standards of excellence in rental housing development across the United States.


Leading with Vision and Innovation

At MLS, women take charge as part of teams dedicated to recruitment, production, design, and engineering. Their leadership brings a fresh and innovative approach to the table every day, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. As a modular construction business, their contributions are instrumental to the success of both factory operations and processes that extend beyond the factory floor.



Inspiring Future Generations

The impact of these team members goes beyond their immediate roles. They are setting an example that will inspire future generations of women in construction. Their passion for what they do is evident. By sharing stories from women who are excelling in the construction field and are at the forefront of innovations like modular operations, we hope to inspire young women to pursue their passions in this industry without hesitation.



Testimonials from Team Members

From developing modular properties to the hiring teams that create them, hear from four women across Greystar’s Modern Living Solutions business as they share why they are passionate about their work:


“At Modern Living Solutions, everyone has a place and everyone has a role. Working together as a team is what we enforce here, and that is how we produce a high-quality product. I have a true passion for this industry. And everything I do; I give one hundred and ten percent.”

- Alicia Stepulla, Line Lead


“What I love most about modular construction is that you are constantly getting better and constantly evolving. In traditional construction, you are reinventing the wheel over and over again. With modular construction, you get to do the creative thinking for those parts that need creativity."

- Deeshna Divakaran, Director of Design, Manufacturing & Construction


“Early on, we identified that the best asset that we would have would be our team members. We have provided over 100 jobs to the local and surrounding communities. By joining the Modern Living Solutions team, folks are entering an environment with infinite opportunities to learn and grow.”

- Caitlyn McMeekin, Human Resources Director


"I take a lot of pride in being an active member on the job site. Not only am I working amongst seasoned trade professionals, but I am a foundational team player in one of the largest modular construction projects in the United States. I am constantly learning and gradually becoming an expert in the future of construction."

- Emily Krackow, Project Engineer

We're grateful to have these women on our team at Greystar. Their daily efforts are helping us challenge construction norms and innovate our operations, ensuring we deliver top-notch products to our residents.


Interested in joining our development and construction team? Explore available opportunities on our careers page.

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