Greystar’s Sustainable September Challenge

This month, Greystar, the largest apartment manager in the country, will challenge its team members to develop projects, activities and ideas to promote sustainability at their communities. The goal is to create ideas that will engage their residents and get them involved in helping the environment. Now that Greystar has acquired Riverstone Residential, over one million people in the US now live in a Greystar apartment home, so even small changes in lifestyle at all of these communities will have a huge impact on the planet.

In 2013, Greystar launched its first SUSTAINABLE SEPTEMBER. The communities, along with the corporate offices, using internal resources and their imagination, created a number of projects to promote sustainability. These communities came up with some great ideas, like:

  • Handing out reusable water bottles and travel coffee mugs
  • Distributing compact florescent bulbs
  • Garage sales and clothing drives that encouraged “freecycling”
  • Creating storage areas to reuse moving boxes
  • Creating community gardens for residents
  • Adding additional recycling opportunities, including doorstep service
  • Sponsoring collections for old electronics, batteries and light bulbs
  • Adding bike racks and promoting riding events
  • Hundreds of other great conservation ideas!

This year promises to be even more eventful with lots of additional communities participating across the country. The list of projects and ideas flowing in are amazing and creative. The greatest achievement though will be to engage more residents, including their friends and families, in learning new ways to conserve and help the environment. 

If you are interested in supporting green apartment living, there is probably a Greystar location in your area sponsoring a project in your community. We would love to see you there, because we know that we are all in this together and we need to support one another to preserve the beauty and bounty of this planet.

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