Go Gradual to Cut Down On Heating Costs

Its a fact of life that people become accustomed to comfortable surroundings. That’s why many people keep their thermostat at 69ºF or less in the summer and 74ºF+ in the winter.

Take a look at those numbers again – the temperatures considered acceptable in one season are then deemed impossible to stand in the next. What most people fail to realize in this situation is that one can easily become accustomed to an otherwise uncomfortable temperature if you acclimate yourself to it in a gradual manner.

The first step in dealing with winter cold is to start the process early and go slowly. Instead of fighting the outdoor temperatures it by turning up the heat, try a sweater and a blanket at night. Next, keep the apartment at a median temperature on the first day but move the thermostat down a small amount each night after that. You will find that you soon grow accustomed to the new temperature. Do the same in reverse when summer comes, and you can save hundreds in heating bills.