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Get the Most Storage Space Out of Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Lifestyle August 25, 2021

Have you ever opened your pantry door or kitchen cabinet only for a mountain of containers, lids and reusable water bottles to come crashing down? Learn how to conquer your kitchen cabinets for good with these organization tips:

Start from Scratch
Before you begin, you’ll need to start fresh for the best results. Empty everything, yes – everything, including all those crumbs, from each cabinet, pantry and drawer in your kitchen. As you go, organize your belongings into piles. For example: spices, cooking tools, expired ingredients, food that will soon be expired, kitchen gadgets you haven’t used in months, all of your Tupperware and anything else that may live in your kitchen. Once everything is out, throw out any expired food and set aside any products that need to be donated or given away.

Squeaky Clean Cabinets
You’re now ready to use a cleaning solution to wipe down every surface, including the front and back of all cabinet doors, drawer handles, shelves and even the bottom of shelves. Before you begin, ensure your cleaning products are safe for your kitchen cabinets and counter-tops, as some can leave stains or remove paint. Tip: Use a mixture of baking soda and water to form a paste. Then, use an old toothbrush and the mixture to scrub into the hard-to-get corners of drawers and cabinets. Once you’re done cleaning, use a fresh towel to make sure everything is dry – especially any places you will be storing your food. For an added twist, consider adding removable, temporary wallpaper or contact paper to decorate the inside of your kitchen cabinets, shelves and drawers. 

Your Time to Organize
Your kitchen is just that – yours. Organize your belongings to match how you cook, get around and use your kitchen appliances. Do you only use that air fryer once a month? Consider placing it in the far back corner of a lower cabinet. Always need a spatula while cooking? Use an organizer in the drawer closest to the stove so you’ll always have it on hand. Outside of making the space your own, consider using professional sets, like matching spice containers, to create uniformity in your space. Not only will it appease the eyes, but uniform plates, silverware, Tupperware and spice jars can align better within your cabinets and save space. 

The Ceiling is Your Only Limit
Many Greystar apartment communities offer tall kitchen cabinets, letting you max out your storage space in your home. Use labeled baskets for out-of-reach tall kitchen cabinet shelves to store seasonal items like holiday décor, sentimental items or anything else you only need from time to time. Then, when an item is needed, use a step-stool to easily get what you’re looking for.

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