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In Conversation with Stephanie Jose: Greystar’s Brands

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Written by Amy Fitzgerald
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Edited by Sarah Claire Eleazer
December 13, 2023

At Greystar, we know that the power of home can mean different things to different people. And, after thirty years in the real estate industry, we’ve learned what is important to those looking for a place to call home. 

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We sat down with Stephanie Jose, Senior Director of Brand and Insights, who gave us a look into Greystar’s Family of Brands.


Q: Greystar has what we call a “Family of Brands.” What does that mean for our residents or someone considering living in a Greystar-managed community?

A: Our Greystar brands are strategic, targeted brands that as a company, we build and maintain, own and trademark, and are utilized by participating properties. We wanted to develop brands that were relevant to renters, helped deliver a consistent experience, and let them know what they could expect. 

Through our brands, we prioritize thoughtful design, beautiful living environments, and innovative services to enhance our residents’ experience. We want potential residents to seek out a Summerwell when they want to rent a house or look for an Everleigh when they are looking for an active adult community.


Q: How do you decide what a brand means and what it offers?

A: Because we prioritize the needs of our residents, we put an extensive amount of thought into how we approach our brand strategy – consumer research and feedback from residents and prospects drive our specific brand decisions for each product type so that we are making decisions based on real data. 


Q: Is every Greystar-managed property part of our “Family of Brands”?

A: No, not every Greystar-managed property is part of our Family of Brands. As of Q3 2023, Greystar manages over 822,100 units and beds under our Property Management line of business. Many of these units and beds are owned by third-party clients, which we manage on their behalf. Currently, we have over 100 properties in the US that use one of our 10 brands, with additional properties and brands in our global markets.

Whether a Greystar-branded or a Greystar-managed property, we aspire to meet the highest expectations for our clients and residents.


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Q: How does Greystar decide on new brands to add?

A: As we have continued to work to meet the unique needs of our residents, our portfolio continues to grow to include various housing types, serving residents across many walks of life, which we reflect through our brands. 

Just as our residents are evolving, we too continue to move forward, pushing the boundaries of what is possible to deliver best-in-class living environments that serve our residents and drive value to our properties. When we consider adding new brands to our portfolio, a significant amount of research and strategy goes into the decision-making process to deliver something that speaks to the prospective renter. 


Q: What type of brands are a part of Greystar’s family of brands?

A: All Greystar brands have their own strategy and concept, look and feel, target audience, and collateral to create a unique sense of community and intentional, quality design for each.

The Greystar Family of Brands were curated to tell our story, deliver on our standard of excellence, and meet the needs of our residents. From conventional multifamily, essential housing, and active adult to build for rent, student, and urban living, Greystar’s portfolio includes product types that evolve with our residents’ lifestyles to meet their needs across demographic and region.


Q: How do the teams at Greystar work together to shape the family of brands?

A: Greystar’s brand strategy is extremely collaborative. Internal dialogue across our Investment, Development, Operations, and Marketing teams and a research-driven approach guide our overall brand model. 


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Q: What’s next for Greystar’s family of brands?

A: As we continue to evolve to ensure we are consistently exceeding the expectations of our residents and customers, we look forward to adding new chapters to our story along the way as new brands are unveiled in the future. 


Q: Finally, one last question. I know you love them all, but do you have a “favorite” brand you’ve helped Greystar create?

A: Summerwell, our build for rent brand, was the first brand we developed, and I also have a soft spot for Ltd., which we created for the "essential” renter who is looking for an apartment community that fits their budget. 



Discover more about Greystar's specific brands such as Ltd., Summerwell, and others by exploring our blog. For a comprehensive overview of Greystar’s Family of Brands, visit Greystar.com.



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