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Eco-Friendly and Economics

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Greystar Green July 28, 2014

If you decide to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, your health and well-being should improve.  But there is no reason that you shouldn’t benefit financially also. As you become more practiced at green apartment living, you will find that you are more self-sufficient and able to do without many items or tasks that drain your budget.

Here’s a list of ideas that could be incorporated into your green living habits, which may save you some time and money:

  • Drive less – Try walking or biking instead.  Try carpooling, car sharing or mass transit.  If you have to drive, consolidate your trips to save gas.  Ask if you can telecommute for work.  Look at a green vehicle the next time you purchase.
  • Buy smarter – Take a hard look at what you are buying and see if there are greener and cheaper alternatives.  Stop buying water bottles and use filtered water from home.  Make your own drinks from powders.  Try a reusable or permanent coffee filter.  Buy non-perishable and frozen foods in bulk.  Don’t buy cosmetics or other beauty products that you will not use or need.
  • Buy less – Eliminate food waste by buying only what you need.  Buy fresh local produce in small amounts.  Don’t be wasteful when eating out and take home leftovers.
  • Eat at home – Eat healthier, spend less money and save on packaging and gas.
  • Use less water – Take shorter showers.  Use cold water for your laundry and only run full loads.  Use the energy-saver option on your dishwasher or air dry your dishes.  Report any leaks or drips to management.
  • Go digital – Instead of getting your newspaper or magazine subscriptions delivered, order the digital version.  Think of all trees saved plus the water used to make the paper.  Not to mention the gas used to deliver these to your doorstep.

We hope these ideas help you live a more sustainable lifestyle on a budget.  You’ll feel good about the planet and great when you look at your bank account.  

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