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Eight Ways to Build a Better Relationship with Your Apartment Management Team

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Lifestyle August 4, 2015

Whether you see your Greystar apartment management team on the regular or you rarely get the chance to say hello, we encourage all of our residents to build a strong relationship with the people who keep their homes and communities in tip-top shape. Check out these eight helpful tips and see for yourself how easy and rewarding it can be to develop a rapport with your community manager and maintenance team!

 1. If you have a concern or problem with your apartment home or the community itself, contact your management team as soon as possible.  This will allow them to resolve the issue before it becomes a real nuisance, which is good news for both you, your maintenance team and your neighbors!

 2. When approaching your community management team about an issue, a friendly approach and positive attitude works best. Remember that your community manager and maintenance team members are people just like you who appreciate being treated with courtesy and respect.

 3. Understand that sometimes, community managers have to say no. We know that it would be awesome to be able to have a barbecue grill on your balcony, but we need to follow the law and make rules and regulations that have the best interest of our residents in mind.

 4. Everyone loves tasty treats, but please don’t get offended if your management team turns down that pan of brownies or pitcher of margaritas you made especially for them. We take pride in treating every resident equally, and that becomes a little difficult when we start accepting tokens of appreciation from residents.

 5. Get involved in community activities and events! Attending on-site barbecues, happy hours and other get-togethers is a fantastic way to get to know your community management team in a relaxed setting. And feel free to make suggestions for upcoming events so we can better meet your needs!

 6. Participate in the surveys we periodically send out. We truly value our residents’ opinions and requests, and we do our very best to consider survey feedback any time we make a decision that affects our residents.

 7. When paying rent, if your community accepts payments by check, remember to write your address and apartment number directly on your check. This ensures that your payment is applied swiftly and without any confusion. Additionally, if you are paying by check and are able to do so during office hours, feel free to pay your rent in person – this gives you the opportunity to say hello and discuss any ideas or concerns with management!  For your convenience, most of our communities offer an ACH option for paying your rent also!  Fast and convenient.  Contact your management team for more information. 

 8. Last but not least, simply say hi when you see a member of your apartment management team! We love getting to know our residents, including our four-legged residents!

We’re so happy that you’ve chosen to live at a Greystar apartment community, and we can’t wait to hear from you! Be sure to check our blog again soon for more advice on how to make your apartment living experience as rewarding and memorable as possible.

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