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Cleanup is a Breeze with These Mouthwatering One-Dish Recipes

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Lifestyle September 22, 2015

No matter how much you enjoy cooking, there’s one part of the culinary process that no one looks forward to: doing the dishes. In fact, many residents admit to sometimes ordering takeout just to avoid cleaning up the kitchen! However, there is another solution – one that will help keep your wallet fat, your blue jeans skinny and your taste buds satisfied. Say hello to the one-dish meal.

With the help of a cast-iron skillet, a cooking pot and a sheet pan, you can whip up a repertoire of outrageously impressive meals that require minimal elbow grease on your part. These healthy one-dish recipe ideas will have you cooking up a storm in no time.

1. One-pot lemon orzo shrimp

This hearty, flavor-packed recipe calls for shrimp, diced tomatoes and frozen peas, but you can use whatever proteins and veggies you have on hand!

 2. Hummus-crusted chicken

The secret to extra-juicy, melt-in-your-mouth chicken breasts? A coating of store-bought hummus and a splash of lemon juice.

 3. One-pot farmers market pasta

Make the most of your weekly farmers market haul with this colorful vegetarian pasta dish. Top with a sprinkle of parmesan or asiago for a hint of creaminess.

 4. Smoked sausage and rice skillet with sweet peppers

Smoky sausage pairs perfectly with sweet peppers in this wholesome skillet recipe. Add a dash of hot sauce for even more depth of flavor.

 5. One-pan Mexican quinoa

Looking to add a little spice to your dinner table? This vegetarian recipe packs a punch with minced jalapeño, chili powder and cumin.

 6. One-pan balsamic chicken and veggies

Italian salad dressing, balsamic vinegar, honey and crushed red pepper combine to create a meal that is the perfect mix of zesty, spicy and sweet.

 7. Chicken fajita sheet pan dinner

This dinner is fabulous all on its own, but we recommend serving the chicken and veggies alongside flour tortillas, salsa and shredded jack cheese for a meal that rivals just about any Tex-Mex restaurant in the country.

 8. One-pot spinach and feta macaroni and cheese

Sometimes you just need a big heaping bowl of rich, creamy, piping hot mac and cheese. This vegetarian recipe classes it up with baby spinach, fresh tomatoes and tangy feta cheese.

Dinner is served! Light a candle or two, pour yourself a drink and savor the fruits (and veggies) of your labor. 

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