5 Places to Celebrate Black Friday with Greystar

In a matter of days, Thanksgiving will once again be behind us. After the turkey has been gobbled up and the football games have concluded, there will be one thing on everyone’s mind: Black Friday!

Thousands of fervent holiday shoppers will take to the malls and big-box stores to score big deals on everything from TVs to small kitchen appliances to winter coats. But with the wide availability of these products on sites such as Amazon and Overstock, is waking up at the crack of dawn and forcing your way into a brick-and-mortar store really necessary? Not at all!

So save yourself from the crowds, wake up when YOU desire on your day off and shop on your phone or computer while taking advantage of the spectacular amenities our Greystar® owned and managed communities offer.

Here are a few ideas to get your started!

 1. Instead of trekking through overflowing parking lots dressed in coats, scarves, hats, gloves and any other layer that will keep you warm and dry, pull up a seat in a stylish community lounge. Some of our communities, including Jones Chicago in the Windy City, feature gorgeous fireplaces that are guaranteed to keep you cozy. While those shopaholics do their thing in store, you can do your shopping in a plush chair while watching your favorite TV show or listening to music.

Jones Chicago Apartments

 2. Instead of getting stressed out and pushed around by huge crowds clamoring for that one remaining toy or electronic gadget, find your Zen at a yoga studio or fitness center. The yoga room at 1000 South Broadway in Denver features minimalist design and an abundance of natural light for tranquil, uplifting sessions. Plus, after that feast you inhaled on Turkey Day, it probably wouldn’t hurt to work up a calming sweat in a comfortable setting while riding a stationary bike and clicking to get that much-desired product.

1000 South Broadway Apartments in Denver

 3. Instead of swimming in debt after purchasing more items than you intended at the mall, take a dip in a heated pool after procuring a select few sale items online. The shimmering pool at Avana North Hollywood in California will allow you to relax and unwind while other shoppers are battling bumper-to-bumper traffic and long checkout lines. And when your packages are delivered, count on your Greystar apartment management team to sign for them and keep them in a safe place until you’re home!

Avana North Hollywood Apartments

 4. Instead of leaving your pup alone while you’re out in the dog-eat-dog world of holiday shopping, let him run free in a community dog park while you browse deals on your smartphone. The Whimsical Pig in Spokane Valley, WA features a sprawling off-leash area so that your pup can burn off plenty of energy without wearing out your arm! If you’re feeling extra generous, put a new collar or dog toy in your shopping cart for Fido to enjoy once December rolls around.

The Whimsical Pig in Spokane Valley

 5. Instead of feeling drained after a never-ending day of waiting in line, get energized at a community coffee bar. The sleek clubhouse at Arcata Apartments in Golden Valley, MN features plenty of seating and an array of beverage options that will keep you invigorated and focused while you search for gifts online. And with free Wi-Fi available in most Greystar lounges and coffee bars, you can complete your shopping spree without exhausting your data plan.

Arcata Apartments in Golden Valley, MN

With surroundings like this, holiday shopping is anything but a chore. Happy Black Friday from Greystar!

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