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5 New Design Trends for Your Apartment

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Lifestyle November 2, 2022

Curved shapes, organic textures, and nature-inspired interiors are all trends named by top interior designers. Essentially anything that feels warm, welcoming, and cozy is in. Our homes have become the main setting of our lives. We work, sleep, and socialize more frequently all within the same set of walls. This makes it much more important to keep your home up to date with easy design trends like these. 

1. Inspired by Nature 

This trend is one that will last well into the new year. Pulling inspiration from natural elements such as onyx, marble, granite, stone, and wood into your home’s furniture and décor is the perfect way to make your space feel warm and inviting. Unpolished ceramics and textiles such as linen and cotton are subtle ways to complement the overall down-to-earth aesthetic.  

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2. Curvilinear Furniture and Sculptural Statements 

Softness and feminine lines are at their peak; especially when it comes to choosing furniture and décor. Strict lines and layouts are often softened by furniture without corners. Try adding a circular coffee table or rounded accent chairs to your space. If you lookout for it, you will notice most designer furniture pieces lack right angles. Even chairs and stools have a softened body.  

Tip: This effect can also be added through décor including lamps, vases, and even candlesticks. 

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Curved Home Décor | Blog | Greystar

3. Rich & Moody 

Chocolate browns and caramels are the new palette cleanser. These past few years have been devoted to vibrant colors and patterns, especially pastels. Incorporating these rich tones adds that touch of moodiness to elevate any area. These deep neutrals pair well with other colors to curate an elegant, timeless space that envelopes you in its coziness.  

Tip: For a more masculine essence, this look can be achieved through leather furniture. To keep it feminine, add throw pillows and blankets to deepen the ambiance.  

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4. Modern Grandmillennial 

“Grandmillennial” takes on the theory that more is more. A well-edited design is key to pulling off the grandmillennial look in a way that's more timeless than antiquated. Spaces adorned with floral wallpaper and vibrant paint choices are becoming the backdrop for contemporary-shaped furnishings with traditional glamour additions including fringe and piping. This style is quirky and eclectic, yet very much still relevant. 

Tip: Embrace floral patterns but in more contemporary palettes.

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Floral Furniture Home Décor | Blog | Greystar  

5. Woven Furniture and Accessories 

Cane furniture is back. Rattan has an old-world charm with its unique look and can be a great way to add texture to your space. The thin cane material can be used as an accent or panel in furniture design, looking especially great in living and dining areas.  

Tip: Bring this look to life with rattan-backed bar stools, dining room chairs, desks, or side tables.

Save: Tormod Backed Cane Counter Height Barstool | $125 | Target 

Hadden Counter Stool | $825 | McGee & Co.

Rattan Chair Around Dining Table | Blog | Greystar

If you are feeling inspired, why not try incorporating a few of these design styles to elevate your Greystar home? Make sure to check with your community manager before making any permanent changes.


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