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12 Tips from Community Managers for Receiving Your Packages on Time

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Lifestyle December 4, 2014
There’s no doubt about it: online shopping is here to stay. With the holidays approaching, who can argue with skipping the heavy crowds and long checkout lines while getting the best deals, often shipped free of charge? 
Online shopping may be the easy part, but online shipping can be another matter altogether. Here’s a helpful list of 12 ways to ensure that you’ll receive your package before the holidays!
1. If you know you will be receiving packages from friends or family, please ensure they know to put your apartment number with the address. No apartment number may result in the delivery driver returning your package to the sender.
2. If you’ve ordered special treats for your holiday meal, make arrangements with your carrier to drop them off when you’re home. We wouldn’t want your holiday dinner to be ruined because you were unable to pick up your perishables before the office closes!
3. When filling in the shipping information, don’t forget to add “leasing office” after your apartment number. This ensures the mail carrier knows not to leave unattended packages on your porch if you happen to be away. Please note that not all communities are able to accept packages at the Leasing Office. Check with your community manager and ensure delivery instructions direct the carrier to your apartment home first.
4. Always purchase insurance for your packages. If a delivery driver does not follow your instructions, you’ll be able to have some recourse with the shipping company. 
5. If you’re expecting a package, call the office regularly to see if it’s been delivered. Notification of delivery is the carrier’s responsibility, and we wouldn’t want to keep you from enjoying your items any longer than necessary.
6. To ensure that you can keep tabs on your packages, always request a tracking number from the shipping company. Many businesses will also let you subscribe to text message updates.
7. Sending a gift to a friend or family member? Give them the tracking number so they can make arrangements for delivery with their community office.
8. Take leasing office hours, weather closings and holiday closings into account when placing your order and selecting a shipping date. 
9. If you will not be able to pick up your package during office hours, contact your leasing office to see if they can deliver/leave your package inside your home. (Weight limit restrictions may apply, and a written Maintenance Request authorizing inside delivery is required.)
10. Missing a package? Call the post office or delivery service to check on the status of your package and alert the leasing team that you are expecting a delayed delivery.
11. Get to know your postal carrier! This can make an incredible difference in the quality of your service. We’ve had carriers go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that “their” residents are happy and well cared for. And don’t forget to show your appreciation for them during this busy season. A “Thank you” and a big smile go a long way.
12. Each community that accepts packages has a limited amount of space at the leasing office to store them, and at the end of the day, it’s a courtesy and not a requirement. Pick up your items within 72 hours and please be courteous with the size of your packages.
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