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Welcome to @Home, Greystar’s New Blog

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For Residents December 13, 2013

City living will never be the same. Charity giving will always be our game. The passion we have for providing wonderful apartment homes will forever be the aim. 

That’s the promise we make to you with the exciting launch of our @Home blog. Whether you reside in a luxury high-rise apartment in McLean, Virginia, or quaint Los Angeles studio near the heart of Hollywood, you’ll feel closer than ever to your Greystar neighbors while learning more about our diverse communities around the world when you visit our blog.  

We strive to redefine excellence in apartment living each and every day, and this new forum will allow us to share the latest tips and resources to help make life more enjoyable throughout our Greystar community.

For our residents that appreciate green living, our @Home blog will provide advice on how to be socially and environmentally responsible throughout the year. Greystar is committed to energy and water efficiency as well as to developing more sustainable practices to save the Earth.

We won’t stop there, though. Future blog posts also will highlight:

  • Apartment living: What should you look for when signing a new lease? How can you decorate your space for any holiday while following the guidelines at your community?
  • City living: With more than 750 communities worldwide, Greystar has some of the most diverse properties in vibrant and growing regions. We will showcase some of the best restaurants, shopping venues and hidden gems in metro areas such as Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, Charlotte and Los Angeles in addition to Greater Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Puget Sound, Orlando and Boston.
  • Community living: Community events and special celebrations provide convenient opportunities for fun and social networking at all of our Greystar properties. Get a sneak peek into what other apartment communities are doing to improve resident life and see what charitable events are helping to make a positive difference across the globe. We have apartments for rent in great cities such as Charlotte, Seattle, Fort Lauderdale and Las Vegas, and each community offers different styles and traditions. We could even spotlight your home in a Featured Community post.
  • New properties: We are very proud of all of our Greystar properties. So when we welcome a new community into the family, we want to share the good news and showcase all of the great features and amenities that residents can expect.
  • Photos: Did you catch the most amazing sunset on film during a recent vacation? Do you have the cutest pet in all of Chicago, Orange County, Charleston, Baltimore, Tucson or Albuquerque? If so, share it! We will look forward to featuring some of your photos in our Image Gallery at

The @Home blog will allow us to connect with you in a completely new way. We invite you to bookmark this page and check back often to keep up on the latest Greystar news and fun happenings. We hope you enjoy our new apartment living blog. 

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