Seasonal Cleaning Tips

The holidays are coming – are you ready? Use our monthly checklist to get your home spic and span this fall and winter.


• Check windows and doors for any leaky drafts that can cause your heating bill to increase. Then, contact your Leasing Professional to make sure they’re fixed before the cold really sets in.
• If your apartment has a fireplace, give it a good cleaning (per the instructions of your exact model) before its first use of the season.
• Swap out any air filters to reduce seasonal allergies.
• Turn your mattress front-to-back to even out the wear and tear. Then, sprinkle baking soda for 15 minutes and vacuum it up to reduce any odor.
• Schedule a professional cleaning for your carpets, rugs, couch and pillows, especially if you have any pets, to keep them cozy and clean.


• Use a damp rag with a cleaning solution to wipe down baseboards, windowsills and fan blades. For fan blades above beds or couches, lay down a beach towel to catch excess dust so it doesn’t fall on top.
• Before the holiday cooking begins, speak to your Leasing Professional about replacing the batteries in your smoke detectors to keep your home safe.
• Give your Thanksgiving dishes a good clean, even if they were in storage, before using them to remove any dirt or dust.
• If you plan on hosting guests, launder your extra bedding and pillowcases. Even better, give your actual pillows a good wash.
• If you plan to travel instead, use a damp rag to wipe down your luggage, inside and out, and let dry before packing. Then, before you travel, place a dryer sheet into the luggage to keep everything smelling fresh.


• Once your holiday decorations are perfectly placed, take the time to clean the inside and outside of your storage containers before putting them away for the season.
• Consider using reusable, fabric gift bags for holiday presents. Not only will it save on cost throughout the years, but this sustainable option leaves no mess and is easy to store.
• If you have houseplants, remember to give them extra love during the cold winter months with fertilizer and a good dusting.
• Before the gift giving begins, consider doing a deep decluttering of your entire home before new items arrive. You can choose to donate the items you no longer need, be it extra blankets or your child’s outgrown clothing, or sell at an online resell marketplace for some extra holiday cash.
• Windows and mirrors can easily become forgotten on cleaning day. Give them a good cleaning using a clean cloth or squeegee and glass cleaner to have them shining in no time. Tip: If you have a glass shower door, consider keeping a squeegee inside the shower to clean after each use to reduce water stains.

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