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Living in a Greystar Community

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Community Life January 26, 2021

2020 was a year like no other. Through it all, companies found new ways to innovate, our residents found new ways to entertain themselves and the wheels at Greystar continued to turn. 

One of the things we are most proud of are the acquisitions we made, expanding Greystar’s rental portfolio and ensuring that those who live with us had one less thing to worry about. If Greystar is your new property management company, we know you have questions. Here are common FAQs:

Who is Greystar?

We are a global leader in rental housing with expertise in real estate sectors across the world. Established in 1993 and founded on the principle of doing what is right for our customers and team members, we are driven by 6 pillars that govern all that we do. 

You can find out more about our pillars and core values here

By creating an environment that champions diversity, equality, and inclusion we have been able to establish a foundation that serves our people, creates genuine relationships, and a defining company culture we can be proud of. 

When will the new resident portal be live so I can pay rent online again? 

Our management team will use email and often posted notices to alert residents on portal activation. It’s important to verify or update your contact information with the leasing office to ensure we can contact you appropriately. We want to be able to communicate with you, so we strive to get the resident portal up and running as quickly as possible.

How will I pay rent if the resident portal isn’t live? 

We know this can be stressful, so we have a couple of options if the resident portal isn’t live. During this time, a cashier’s check or personal check is the only acceptable form of payment. Money orders are not accepted.

Will my lease still be valid/Will any of the lease rules change? 

Yes, at the time of takeover, your current lease terms will remain valid. When your lease comes up for renewal, it will be completed using a Greystar lease.  

Can I break my lease with no penalty?

This is dependent on current lease terms. If this is allowed in your current lease, a lease break can occur. Our management team are available to walk through your current lease with you if it would be helpful or if anything needs further explanation.  

Will my rent go up when Greystar takes over?  

At the time of takeover, current rent and lease terms will stay the same until a lease is up for renewal.  Rent increases or decreases are market-driven and if a rent increase is inevitable, the resident will be notified at least 60 days in advance to allow time for consideration.  We invite our residents to speak with us if a rental increase should occur. We can help explain market conditions and why a rental increase may occur. 

Will we be evicted?

No, changes in ownership or management does not mean you will be evicted. However, your lease terms still apply and if there is violation of that lease, i.e. not paying rent or not following the community policies, then yes there can be a chance of eviction. 

Who is the new owner and contact information? 

Sometimes Greystar is the owner and the property manager but sometimes we are simply hired as an agent for the owner.  As an owner agent, our team is happy to help you with anything you need.  

I was promised special or unique service from the previous management company or ownership. Will Greystar follow through with previously committed items? 

Greystar will review and uphold any written terms agreed upon by the resident and previous management company as part of the current lease terms. 

Our local management team looks forward to getting to know you and meeting your expectations. We look forward to seeing you at our next resident event at your community. In the meantime, stop in and visit your new Community Manager and service team. 

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