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Keep Your Summer Green

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Greystar Green June 22, 2015

Summer officially kicked off yesterday. The urge to go BBQ, swim in the ocean and crank up the A/C is prevalent. We often do it without thinking about how our activities could impact the environment. The smallest change that helps the environment will go a long way. Here are some great summer tips to help you enjoy the summer while keeping our planet clean.

  1. Propane rather than Charcoal-Barbeques and summer go hand in hand, like steaks and potatoes, both of which are pleasing to the senses. However, not all barbeques are pleasant for the environment. Charcoal grills are dirty and contribute to poor air quality. Try a cleaner burning propane gas grill or an electric grill to help reduce your carbon footprint. Please check with your leasing office regarding use of designated grilling areas and safety rules.
  2. Ceiling fans instead of Air Conditioning-Staying cool can be expensive and cause more harm to our environment. We could pollute the environment further through increased demand on the coal fire power plants throughout the country. Using a programmable thermostat, when used properly, could save you more than $100 a year. For some regions, electric ceiling fans are much more efficient than central air conditioning. Some communities offer installation of ceiling fans for a small fee. Please check in with your community managers regarding ceiling fan and programmable thermostat installations.
  3. Sunscreen-It is always recommended to use sunscreen when heading out for a day in the sun to minimize damage to your skin. Just like BBQ grills not all sunscreens are made the same. It could be challenging to find one that is not harmful to our environment. Some of the chemicals in traditional sunscreens can bleach corals and pollute our freshwater supplies. Badger Sunscreen tops the charts in all natural sunscreen category.
  4. Eliminate Picnic Trash-Remember those old style picnic baskets with the reusable plates, cups, napkins and utensils? They are better options for the environment and your wallet to keep and reuse them. Buying disposable plates and cups is costly over time and increase trash accumulation. In addition, using reusable water bottles rather than toxic plastic bottles is more beneficial for your health and wallet.

The summer is a time for fun with family and friends and great time to go green as well. These simple tips are only a few things to get you started in the right direction towards a sustainable summer and future. Enjoy your summer and check back for more green summer tips!

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