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How To Deal with Noisy Neighbors

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Lifestyle April 2, 2014

In a perfect world, neighbors would coexist at noise levels that were universally acceptable. Music would be played exclusively at a tolerable volume and respectable hour. Pets would be perfectly trained and would only bark in case of fire. People would host their parties in public venues, not private domiciles, and children would never run around indoors shrieking like banshees.

But in the real world, things can get loud. If you live in an apartment community, chances are that, at some point, you’ll have to deal with a noisy neighbor.

Noisy neighbors come in a few varieties. The rarest type is the “just plain inconsiderate.” He or she is fully aware that blaring music at 2 a.m. five nights a week is probably bothering the neighbors. More common is the “completely unaware.” He or she simply does not realize you can hear a 5 a.m. workout and/or does not realize that the noise level is bothersome. Another type cares, but is powerless to address the issue. These are the neighbors with newborn babies, untrained pets or boisterous children.

It’s not always easy to tell which type of neighbor you’re dealing with. Keep in mind, most of the time, loud neighbors are not out to annoy you personally. This will help you to deal with the situation calmly, giving you a better chance of resolving it while maintaining a good relationship.

The most effective method for dealing with noisy neighbors is to contact the community manager and ask for assistance in resolving the issue.  However, in an  emergency, you should contact the police.


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