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Greystar Green September 29, 2014

The kitchen is the second most frequently used room in your apartment and one of the easiest places to go green. We’ve discussed buying organic and growing your own food  in the past, but these ideas are more about changing the way you cook, clean and live. 

  • Maximize your cooking time – Try to avoid pre-heating the oven when possible and cook several meals at once while the oven is already hot. You’ll save electricity and time.
  • Keep it clean – When your oven or microwave is greasy or dirty, they use more energy. Clean your microwave by boiling a cup of water and let it sit for 5 minutes. The steam makes it easy to wipe out old spills.
  • Keep it full – Only running your dishwasher when it is full saves energy and water. Keeping the freezer full also conserves energy.
  • Eat those leftovers – Plan your meals so you can reuse those leftovers. Freeze it for another day rather than throw it away. Keeping a few pounds a week from going to the landfill would make a huge difference if everyone tried it.  
  • Try composting – It’s easy, and you can use composting to create free fertilizer for your house plants. Just save your kitchen scraps from fruits and vegetables in a container with a lid. Add your coffee grounds, too. Mix the ingredients several times a week and use it as it turns to rich topsoil.
  • No more bottles – Try to stop buying bottled water and drinks. Think of all the plastic waste we’re creating. Switch to reusable bottles and pitchers.
  • Cut down on packaging – Packaging is another huge waste item being landfilled. Reduce the amount of pre-packaged and convenience foods you buy. Buy fresh and local, which reduces shipping, too.
  • Use cloth, not paper – Save trees by using cloth napkins, kitchen towels and rags. They’re washable and reusable.
  • Buy high quality cookware – Nice cookware, knives and serving pieces can last a lifetime. They are great as gifts – to give or receive!

We know you are trying to live green. You may not be able to incorporate all of these ideas into your lifestyle right now, but maybe some of these will stick with you. Please try a few and see how they work.

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