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Fall In Love with Sustainability

Written by Greystar
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Greystar Green October 7, 2015

Fall is in full swing with cooler weather and warm drinks in hand. The leaves may be fading, but our sustainable practices shouldn’t. Here are some tips to help you live sustainably while you enjoy a pumpkin spiced latte.


Over the last couple weeks, we have seen sightings of pumpkins ready to be picked and decorated for Halloween. Here are a few ways to make the most of your pumpkin.

  • Roast the seeds for a healthy snack.
  • Puree the flesh of the pumpkin. Pureed pumpkin is great for dogs with stomach issues.
  • Compost your pumpkin when that Jack-o-Lantern has seen its final days.
  • Carve rather than paint your pumpkin to allow you to compost it.

Now what about those warm, delicious pumpkin lattes? Be green and drink from a reusable mug or thermos.

Warm Clothes

Have you pulled out your sweaters and jackets? If you’re ready to upgrade your cold weather wardrobe, donate your old items to those who really need them.

Save Energy with your Purchases-Check the labels

Fall reminds us that the holidays are just around the corner. As we start to think about gifts that we might want to buy down the road such as appliances and electronic devices, take the time to read the label. Choose models that use the least standby power. Energy Star-labeled products are ideal because they use the least energy for both regular and standby operations. By planning ahead and gifting energy efficient products, you’re helping others live green as well.

Autumn is a beautiful season. We hope that you adopt these tips to help us maintain a beautiful, sustainable planet for many autumns to come. 

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