Waterfront park in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

Living in Charleston: Coasting to a Better Life

Written by Greystar
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For Residents February 9, 2017

Ask anyone living in Charleston, SC what their favorite part of the city is and you’ll hear hundreds of different answers. Chances are, all of those answers are correct, too. Charleston offers a myriad of fun and interesting activities, all just a few minutes away from your Greystar apartment. Whether you’re looking for the hottest restaurants or the perennial allure of the beach, Charleston has it all. Here are just a few things that residents of Charleston, SC can expect to enjoy throughout the year:


  1. Folly Beach

    After finding the right apartment in Charleston, SC for you, the very next thing you should look up is how long it takes you to get to Folly Beach. Beach lovers can catch some sun, but even if you are not a fan of sand and surf, you can still find plenty to do in the area, thanks to a growing restaurant scene that serves up far more than just freshly caught seafood. If you’re not in love with the beach, one trip to Folly Beach may change your mind, so be sure to schedule an afternoon!

  2. Festivals Galore!

    Every city has its fair share of exciting events, but Charleston seems to up the ante. In the coming months, residents can find plenty to do just minutes from their apartment in Charleston. Throughout the holiday season, the city puts on its festive best with the annual Holiday Festival of Lights, lasting from November until January. After that, music lovers can hear the best jazz has to offer at the Charleston Jazz Festival, which has quickly become a tradition in the area. And of course, the Lowcountry Oyster Festival serves up the freshest, tastiest oysters year after year and should not be missed!

  3. Outdoor adventures
  4. It cannot be understated how much excitement there is to be found outside in Charleston. From water sports, like kayaking, surfing and fishing, to bike rides through the city, Charleston is an urban adventurer’s paradise. For something a bit more romantic, you can hop on a horse drawn carriage or hail a pedicab for open-air transportation through this gorgeous city.


Once you find the perfect apartment in Charleston, SC, you should start filling up your event calendar and make the most of this exciting city. Catch a few events or find a favorite spot that has yet to be discovered. Then, when someone asks you about your favorite part of living in Charleston, you can give your own unique answer! 
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