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Are Pet Amenities the New Black?

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Lifestyle August 22, 2014

Does your apartment community have a Director of Barketing? Greystar’s Metro 808 in Charlotte, NC, community does. His name is Hobbs, and his game is planning apartment functions and discussing issues and concerns for, you guessed it, pets!

Gone are the days when landlords and apartment managers outright banned pets from their properties, and Greystar is leading the way with a host of ingenious, creative ways to enhance your four-legged friend’s living experience. Choosing to live with Greystar means you’ll be bringing your pet into a community with amenities tailored specifically to his or her needs. 

You may have a hard time choosing between Greystar apartment homes because of our many convenient locations and well-appointed amenities, but rest assured of one thing: if our community says it is pet-friendly, we mean it. From expansive “bark parks” to strategically-placed pet stations to Yappy Hour socials and pet salons, Greystar apartments are completely changing the atmosphere and conversation about living with furry friends.

Wesley Village in Charlotte, NC, is just one of many Greystar communities that features a designated dog play area. Much like Verde Vista’s dog park with play boulders, it showcases a pet-friendly layout and architecture. And if your dear dog decides to “take care of some business” en route to the play space, many Greystar communities also have convenient pet stations: spots with provided pick-up bags and sanitary trashcans. This also makes it easy for residents to take their pets out for quick pit-stops.

Equinox and San Paloma in Houston, TX, host community “Yappy Hour” events, where pets and owners can mingle and enjoy dog treats and adult beverages (respectively, of course!).

And we all know that pet salons can be pricey. Many Greystar apartments, such as Arista Uptown in Broomfield, CO, and Jefferson Hills in Framingham, MA, feature pet grooming stations for residents — sometimes for free.

While pampering a pet may be a top priority (after all, they are family, right?), it’s also important that owners take care of themselves. Sometimes, that means getting away for a bit of a vacation. And while we all love our pets dearly, it can sometimes be impractical to take them everywhere. Fortunately, there are several means for keeping your beloved pets safe and sound while you are away. 

The safest way, by far, to ensure your animals are well cared for in your absence is to send them on a vacation of their own to a licensed pet boarding kennel. Most of these facilities offer a climate-controlled environment to keep your four-legged friends cool in the hot months and warm in the wintertime. They also feature a dedicated staff that loves animals as much as you do and will check on or even play with Fido periodically throughout the day. And while playtime is definitely important, the biggest benefit to giving your pet a vacation at a kennel is having caretakers who are trained to recognize medical problems and diagnose them promptly and accurately.

For some pets and owners, however, treating your animals to a “staycation” is a better option. Transitioning to a new environment such as a boarding kennel without the loving support of their master can be unnecessarily traumatizing, especially for older pets with an ingrained routine. In these cases, it’s often best to simply reach out to a close friend or family member and ask if they can “pet sit” while you are away. Topping off a food and water bowl doesn’t take too much time out of the day, and regular wellness checks ensure everything is hunky-dory with your best friend.

Another fantastic option that splits the difference between boarding your animals and having a friend keep an eye on them is to hire a professional pet sitter. This gives you the added benefit of a professionally-licensed and insured individual that can keep your animals well cared for without a shadow of a doubt, and you can be sure that they love animals (it’s their living, after all!). Having a professional pet sitter make house calls to check on your loved animals may afford you the best piece of mind possible, while keeping your pets as close to their standard routine as possible.

At Greystar, we love the fact that you love your pets. Our amenities are designed to embrace the pet lifestyle just like you do, even when you’re gone. Find the perfect Greystar apartment for you and your pet today and start enjoying everything our family has to offer yours.  

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