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Apartment Living: Tips for Packing During a Move

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Lifestyle February 6, 2017

Whether you are moving out or into one of our apartments, you know that packing can be a headache. Fear not, though! We have put together a few tips for packing during a move to make your life easier, both now and later. Follow these tips and make this move your easiest one yet!

  1. Pack an overnight bag

    First things first: packing an overnight bag now will save you stress later. Pack enough clothes for at least a day, essential bathroom products, and any additional equipment you use in the morning such as a hairdryer or straightener. Packing a bag now will allow you to relax when you get to your new home instead of frantically unpacking boxes looking for what you need. An overnight bag is also a great place to put valuables like laptops that you do not want to put into a moving box.

  2. Don’t just use cardboard boxes

    Is there anything more ubiquitous than a standard cardboard box when it comes to moving? While cardboard boxes are definitely useful, you should consider packing using other kinds of containers. A clear, heavy-duty plastic box can be a perfect means of transporting important items. A good tip is to pack the things that you are going to need first at your new place in a clear plastic box so you can easily find them.

  3. Pack rooms in like-boxes and keep them together

    Unpacking can be a long process, but if you pack smart, you can save time later. When you are packing up your current place, you should mark the boxes and try to keep items that belong together in the same box. By grouping rooms together throughout the process, you can quickly set up your new place. Additional tip: group the boxes and furniture together on the moving truck so you know exactly where boxes go.

  4. Special tips for toiletries

    Toiletries and make-up are usually small enough to make moving them simple, yet ask anyone who has moved and they will probably tell you that either something spilled or something else got ruined. Two really good ideas for when you’re moving toiletries and cosmetics: first, put saran wrap over the openings of liquids like shampoo or body wash, then put the cap back on. The saran wrap ensures that the liquid stays inside the bottle even if the cap opens. Second tip: put cotton balls or pads in powder cosmetics to make sure that the powder doesn’t break.

  5. Always have everything packed before you invite help over to move
  6. Whether asking your friends, family, or a professional moving service, you should always have your current place packed up before they arrive. The exception to that rule is if the movers have already agreed to help you pack. By having everything packed and ready to be moved, you will maximize their time.

A final piece of advice: you should remember to take care of updating your driver’s license if you have one, as well as changing your address at the post office. Mail forwarding can help ensure that you get any letters that might have been sent to your old address. Make your move easy with our tips and start enjoying your new home.

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