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Age-Qualifying Housing at Greystar Explained

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Written by Darren Callihan
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Edited by Maya Fowell
Apartments and Communities March 27, 2024

At Greystar, we are committed to offering a diverse portfolio of housing options to meet the needs of residents across demographics and regions. One piece of our portfolio is age-qualifying housing, known as active adult. An active adult community is an age-targeted community for people 55 and over who want to enjoy an active, independent lifestyle. Residents live in their own homes managing their own needs but have a place to start fresh in a new chapter of life. 

Today, Greystar is the largest developer and manager of active adult apartment homes in the US. Greystar has continued to modify our approach over the last 6 years to grow and perfect our platform, expanding our footprint to span over 26 states, in 96 markets with over 125 communities by the end of 2024. Greystar proudly offers three brands of active adult communities: Everleigh, Overture, and Album with locations across the United States. Through our properties, residents can unlock their next chapter with many features and benefits: 


1.  Health and Wellness is at the Forefront

One of the primary advantages of active adult housing is its emphasis on health and wellness These communities often provide resort-style amenities to residents, including fitness centers and classes, swimming pools, putting greens, community centers, and enrichment activities. Regular exercise not only improves physical health but also boosts mood, cognitive function, and overall well-being, enabling residents to enjoy a higher quality of life as they age. 


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2.  Social Connection and Engagement Foster Community

Active adult communities foster a strong sense of community by providing ample opportunities for social interaction and engagement. From organized events and group activities to clubs and classes catering to various interests, residents have countless avenues to connect with like-minded peers, forge meaningful friendships, and cultivate a sense of belonging. We design and empower our properties (and their staff) to have the space to live holistically.


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3.  Maintenance-Free Living for Life on Your Own Terms

The home is where most of our time is spent. Greystar’s active adult communities bring beauty to your personal and communal spaces. Thoughtful designs with modern features, clean finishes, and designer details make your interior space perfect for resting and relaxing. The outdoor spaces within community grounds give you shared spaces to connect with others and even exercise your mind and body. Being free of landscaping and home maintenance duties, residents of 55+ communities often find themselves being able to fully enjoy their daily lives by spending their time continuing to pursue their hobbies and interests. 


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4.  Amenities and Lifestyle Options to Fuel Your Hobbies

Greystar’s active adult communities are designed with an array of amenities and lifestyle options tailored to the preferences and interests of residents. Album offers a customizable program that empowers residents to choose services and conveniences. Everleigh provides many community amenities to enjoy from bocce ball courts, horseshoes, and services like community brunch and weekly movies.


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“Focusing on developing a quality living experience to enhance the lives of our residents is the primary focus of our platform. Our specialized team is one-of-a-kind in the industry today; focusing solely on Active Adult allows us to truly be the industry experts. With the shifts in the market, new sales, marketing, and lifestyle best practices are being developed to help keep us ahead of market trends. Elevating our standards and developing new lifestyle advantages for our consumers will ensure our assets are able to maintain upward growth even in an economic downturn.”

- Tiffany Goodman | Director, Real Estate – Active Adult



To learn more about Greystar’s approach to the active adult sector, visit our website.  


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