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The Best Plants for Apartment Living

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Lifestyle October 18, 2016
The right indoor plant can breathe life into a room. On top of incorporating something natural into a space, indoor plants can even improve the air quality of your apartment. Despite the decorative possibilities of plants, many people shy away because they lack a green thumb. Fortunately, Greystar has put together a list of best plants for apartment living. With proper care, these plants are resilient and will look great in your stylish apartment.

If you’re looking to bring something green into your apartment, be sure to check out our list of plants for apartment living!

Dracaena Plant

The dracaena plant comes in a number of varieties, but regardless of which one you choose, you can expect a hardy plant that requires minimal care. Most dracaena plants are medium sized, although some of them can grow up to 6 feet in height. The best way to care for your dracaena plant is to find a place with bright to moderate, indirect sunlight. If the leaves on your plant start to brown, that might be an indication that it’s getting too much light, while faded leaves that look pale might mean it is not getting enough. An easy trick to see if your dracaena plant needs water is to stick your index finger in the soil until you hit your second knuckle. If the soil at this depth feels dry, then it’s time to water your plant!


It is not impossible to kill a cactus, but it is pretty close. After all, these plants are native to harsh climates, and your Greystar apartment is anything but! Cacti can give a room a modern look and pairs well with natural earth colors. To take care of your cactus, simply put it in an area with plenty of direct light. You do not need to water a cactus often, which means if you plan on going out of town for a weekend or longer, you won’t need to ask someone to house sit for you. When watering, simply wait until the container is completely dry before watering again. Just be careful of the needles!


Similar to cacti, succulents are resilient and require little maintenance. They also love direct sunlight. All of these factors make them a great choice for apartment living. Succulents adapt well to virtually any condition, so it takes a true effort to kill them. You can find a number of different kinds of succulents at virtually every outdoor department, and succulents come in a number of shapes and sizes. Just remember to keep them in direct sunlight.

Peace Lily

If you are interested in a plant that not only looks great but serves as a natural air purifier, the peace lily is the way to go. Twice a year, the plant also blooms with beautiful white flowers. For the most part, peace lilies like humid environments and sunlight for a few hours, so if your apartment faces east-west, then it should receive sunlight for just the right amount of time. Even better, peace lilies are one of nature’s most powerful air purifiers, so breathe deep and consider putting one of these plants in your apartment.

Bonus: Outdoor planters

If you live at a community with a patio or balcony, consider investing in a hanging planter. Some of the best plants to grow in an outside box include flowers and herbs, which you can then use inside. Growing plants outdoors can be a bit trickier, as you cannot control the climate as well, but you also have the advantage of the occasional rainstorm in case you forget to water. Experiment with different kinds of plants until you find the ones that turn your balcony or patio into your own private oasis.

These are just a few plants that will look great in your Greystar apartment. If you feel like you can keep a plant alive better than most, you can also try more finicky plants. Regardless of what you decide to put in your home, plants can provide a pop of color and a fresh look to any room.
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