Village at Missions Farms Thank You Letter

2017 Year In Review Part 1: HELPING PLAN A THANKSGIVING SURPRISE (Village at Mission Farms)

Written by Greystar
Edited by Greystar
Greystar Giving January 29, 2018
Terry, a resident at the Village at Mission Farms in Overland Park, Kansas, has two children. One lives nearby and the other resides out of state with his own family. Terry’s heart was set on having both of his kids and their families join him and his wife for Thanksgiving dinner this last November.

Unfortunately, his son Randy wasn’t going to be able to come. Or so Terry thought.

Little did he know, but Mara, one of the property managers at the Village, had been working with Randy to coordinate his family’s stay. She had reserved one of the on-site guest suites for them, and had been successfully hiding the fact from Terry.

Even when Terry stopped by the office to ask if the suite was available “just in case,” Mara and the rest of the staff delivered the news that the apartment was booked. They just omitted the fact that it was Terry’s son who held the reservation.

That Thanksgiving, Terry and his wife Nancy were dining in a restaurant with the rest of their family when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to find one of his granddaughters. He was caught completely by surprise.

With the help of the staff at Village at Mission Farms, not only was Terry’s family able to surprise him for the holiday, but they were able to stay in the same building in an apartment all their own.

Terry and Randy were both thankful for Mara’s help in pulling off this surprise. Only time will tell if Terry will fall for the same trick again.
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