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Community Life November 3, 2021

Searching for and finding a new apartment to call home is an exciting process whether you’re a first-time renter or a seasoned leaser. Browsing listings, cherry picking lavish amenities, touring, and finally selecting the winning choice are all common perks leading up to signing.

You’re probably wondering how to get an apartment and this article will help you do just that. Once you’ve found your new Greystar home, you need to provide documentation to qualify for the space and know that there are rental requirements that must be met. This sounds stressful and intimidating but having the proper documentation, being informed of the rental process, and patience will guarantee smooth sailing.

What are rental requirements?
Rental requirements are documents, or other pieces of information, provided by a prospective renter to an apartment property to determine rental eligibility. 

What documentation do I need to rent an apartment?
Requirements will vary depending on what state you will reside in, if you are a citizen of the country, and the property requirements, among other considerations. However, the following is a list of common documents apartment complexes will ask for:

• Pay stubs
• Bank statements
• Renters Insurance
• Proof of identification
• Social Security number
• Rental history
• Job history/resume
• Pet information
• Security Deposit

It’s best to ask your leasing agent what is needed and make a detailed list if necessary.

What if I’m a foreigner and don’t have a social security number?

Usually, a green card or a visa will be sufficient from those who are not an American resident. The leasing agent may ask you for further documentation if you are in the country on a student or work visa, like a certification from your employer or an official school transcript.  

Why do I have to pay a security deposit? 

A security deposit might be required from your rental property to cover the cost of potential damage or if a tenant is unable to pay their rent. In some cases, renters will leave their apartment without proper notice and the apartment can use a security deposit to cover a portion of the rent they may miss out on until they find another occupant. 

Renters insurance – why do I need it? 

Some rental properties will require proof of rental insurance to rent one of their apartment homes. Rental insurance assures you and the landlord are protected against a potential lawsuit due to damages to the property or theft. Renters insurance doesn’t have to be costly—make sure you do sufficient shopping before making your decision. 

What kind of pet documentation should I get from my pet’s vet? 

Proof of updated vaccinations, especially rabies, is most often required by apartment facilities. Also, a pet deposit will be required when bringing a pet to your apartment to cover potential damages and may be nonrefundable. 

What is a cosigner and how do I know if I need one? 

If a renter does not make sufficient funds to qualify for the apartment, a cosigner may be permitted to cosign on the lease so that the desired income required is met. They will also be held responsible for payment if the primary renter is unable to make rent or if they terminate their lease early. 

What if I’m not sure how to obtain or have questions on a document required to rent?

If you find yourself wondering how to rent an apartment, the leasing agent at the property will be more than happy to help you determine what information is needed, how to obtain it, and answer any questions you may have. An apartment complex wants all applicants to have a smooth leasing experience and are simply a phone call, email, visit, and in some cases even a text away.

Where can I start searching for my future apartment? 
Greystar is the preferred apartment management company, and you can visit to browse through tons of quality apartment listings managed by Greystar nearest you. We can’t wait to meet you!

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