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What Makes Greystar India's Office Culture Unique?

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Written by Shaefali Sood
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Talent and Culture March 6, 2024

At Greystar India, our core focus is on touching and enriching lives, and it all starts with our people. We’ve created a community with a strong emphasis on life — a place of discovering and exploring your talents, a place of belonging, a place of bringing each other up, and a place of turning dreams into reality.

Follow along as Shaefali Sood, Communications Manager at Greystar India, shares about her experience joining the team.


Group of people from Greystars India office celebrating a Culture Festival.

My Greystar Experience 

As I began my Greystar journey during the festive season of Navaratri leading up to Diwali, the festival of lights, it truly felt like a joyous beginning. From the kind people I met to the bright office spaces and exciting atmosphere, I completely felt at home. The recent joiners, myself included, were quickly acquainted with the work and Greystar’s company values

Starting the day with eye-to-eye smiles and exchanging good mornings across the floors, to enjoying cups of coffee and shared meals, I quickly became part of the team.

The 4Cs — communication, collaboration, creativity, and competence — all come together here at Greystar, keeping everyone engaged, committed, and excited to come to work. I found myself wondering what more there could be. Before I knew it, I was part of the engagement team, diversity council, and WIN network. These committees, councils, and resources are set in place to ensure we are always headed in the right direction. As dedicated as Greystar is to its people, it extends the same commitment to society, investing countless hours into community service. This is just the beginning of the ambitious goals we've set for the years ahead. 


The Culture Team Members from Greystar's India office.

Our Workplace Culture

After joining the Greystar India team, I began to experience the vastness, depth, and diversity our people bring to our company’s culture. This is a culture that is open and evolving, connecting and collaborative, thriving and engaging, vibrant and inventive, where knowledge is paramount, and chairs are just tags. 

I’ve found that our office is a potpourri of people from all across the country, making it an incredibly dynamic and driven environment. Our team consistently delivers on their promises with trust and outstanding performance. Greystar India is a team-first, value-driven place that fosters strong connections and mutual respect.

Joining Greystar India, I discovered a workplace where communication is fundamental, with a team and management that are always open and receptive. What struck me the most was the seamless integration of happiness and well-being into every aspect of our work, whether it be our formal meetings or informal gatherings. This nurturing environment has cultivated a corporate culture that is both transparent and growth-oriented.


Greystar India team standing for a photo at a Leadership Retreat.

As we continue into 2024, Greystar India is more committed than ever to its people and its community. Together, we aim to share more, give more, support more, and empathize even more. With so many compassionate and dedicated individuals at Greystar, I am certain that our team members will illuminate our path as we navigate the future. 


Interested in joining our team in India or learning more about our organization? Learn how you can become part of Greystar’s journey.

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