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Give Your Guests Something To Talk About When Hosting A Housewarming Party

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Lifestyle February 23, 2016

Forget the adage “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!”  While you may be “marrying” into a new apartment community, we want to ensure your reception — aka housewarming party — is memorable and mouthwatering while making you the cool friend and neighbor you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

So, here are some useful tips on:

Something Sippable

Everybody knows that being a good host means offering your guests something to drink. But just don’t settle for boring water, beer or wine. Step up your soiree with a signature drink. From sparkling concoctions to sophisticated martinis, there are a variety of simple cocktail recipes that even an untrained bartender can imitate with only three ingredients. And, just in case there are some non-alcohol drinkers invited to the party, achieve the same success of breaking out of the boring with a fancy lemonade-mint spritzer or mango-ginger mocktail. 

Something to Savor

It’s not a real party unless there’s something to eat. Skip the pressure of a sit-down dinner and opt for serving a selection of bite-size finger foods that are anything but ordinary. Some of these recipes require five or fewer ingredients and take about five minutes to create. Don’t believe us? Stuff a mini quiche in your mouth and get back to us. Your guests will continue to mix and mingle while at the same time proclaiming how wonderful the caramelized onion-apple bites, chicken sausage puffs and brownie bourbon balls are. Don’t forget to add cute labels to every dish to ensure everyone knows what ingredients they’re indulging in.

Something to See 


The decorations you choose to highlight your new place are almost as important as the guest list. They play a big part in setting the tone of your party and how your friends view your new apartment. Before hanging mismatched streamers, decide on a theme based on the season — like a summer BBQ or winter wonderland. A simple one-color theme can also work.

Find creative ways to commit to your motif, from what your guests see all the way to what they savor. There are a variety of DIY ideas for dressing up your apartment using items you already have in your drawers and kitchen cabinets, including cupcake liners, chalk, fabric scraps and construction paper.    

Something Singable

Even if you don’t intend your party to turn into a sing-along or dance-off, a great playlist is a must. Music is also an easy icebreaker for newly acquainted guests who are mingling with long-time friends. Find a solid playlist on Pandora and Spotify that matches the mood of your event, then find a volume that allows the music to be heard without disrupting conversation or your new neighbors.  

Something Satisfiable

While mixing and mingling is nice, providing some form of entertainment will really set your housewarming apart from other people’s parties. Have a game or activity ready once guests have arrived. While trivia and charades are ordinary, they will work. Or, try an activity such as the capture the keys game that incorporates a housewarming feel. Amp up the competitive spirit by adding some fun prizes. 

Something Snapable

Everyone enjoys a good photo op — and it keeps the memories alive long after the festivities wrap up. Choose a space in your apartment that can be transformed into a DIY photo booth or backdrop wall. This is a great way to cover up a blank space you haven’t had a chance to decorate yet. Top it off with some printable props and your guests will be in for a party full of laughter.  

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