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Celebrating the 4th of July

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Lifestyle June 30, 2014

The 4th of July is one of America’s oldest and most beloved holidays. Every year, thousands of patriotic Americans fire up their grills and plan festive parties with the goal of celebrating our independence and enjoying the common bond of American community. To countless people around our country, the 4th of July represents food, family, fun and of course… fireworks!

With over 25 million pounds of pyrotechnics sold annually to cities for public celebrations, you can easily enjoy beautiful fireworks shows just by heading up to your community rooftop viewing area. Greystar apartments such as The Ascent at Spring Hill Station, The Grand Adams and Worthington Place feature a community rooftop gathering space where neighbors can interact, prepare some delicious hotdogs or hamburgers and enjoy free fireworks displays.

Even if you don’t have a viewing deck, these events can be a wonderful time to bond, connect and truly live life with your fellow residents over outdoor grilled meals and a beautiful fireworks show. Check with your management team to see if a community event is planned or consider reaching out to your neighbors a few days prior to the celebration and working together to plan meals and activities. You’ll be surprised at just how many of your neighbors would love to develop meaningful, long-lasting friendships while enjoying a simple hamburger or hotdog.

Got kids? Encourage them to work on a clever or patriotic 4th of July costume and perhaps even create themed desserts or other fun food items to share with your neighbors at the community party! Even if allowed by your community, it’s not a good decision to bring your own fireworks, and children should never be allowed to play with or handle them. Fireworks are inherently dangerous, and it’s vitally important to follow all safety rules as set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission when enjoying sparklers and similar items. Glow-in-the dark bracelets make great accessories and are a safe alternative to legal fireworks. Dressing kids in high visibility clothing is a great way to make it easier to keep track of them during the festivities.

Dramatic fireworks displays can captivate and entertain us for hours at a time, but our four-legged friends may view them quite differently. It’s common knowledge that dog ears are far more sensitive than ours, and this can be a very real issue during explosive exhibits of patriotism.

Fortunately, there are several effective means of dealing with this problem. Playing music, vacuuming or doing anything to provide white noise can provide enough of a distraction to soothe your pet. Your dog will likely try to run and hide under furniture or behind the couch… so let him or her! Create a safe, cozy environment with pillows, blankets and other comfort items close at hand to make your animals feel safe. Your vet may also be able to recommend one of many over-the-counter or prescription herbal relaxants and other stress relievers specially formulated for house pets.

Ideally, nervous pets should wait out the festivities indoors. But, if your complex has a roof deck and you just can’t resist heading up with your dog to enjoy the party, there are some measures you can take to preserve Fido’s hearing and ease his nerves. Dog earmuffs are an excellent, vet-approved option for protecting sensitive ears, depending on the disposition of the animal and how he or she feels about having strange objects on their head. Animal behaviorists also recommend purchasing a specialized wrap for your dog’s body, which can provide gentle, consistent, hug-like pressure to relieve anxiety during fireworks or even thunder.

Regardless of where you or your pets spend your 4th of July holiday, we hope you’ll eat some good food and enjoy yourself while connecting with your friends, family and neighbors. Your Greystar apartment community wishes you a happy holiday!

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