Apps for living green

Best Apps for Living Green

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Greystar Green July 20, 2015

Today’s technology has allowed us to live a smarter, more convenient and mobile life. With a quick swipe, we are able to perform all of our banking needs, order take out or grocery for delivery, and even video chat on the go. These amazing tools are also available to help guide us to live green! From tracking energy usage to eliminating junk mail, these apps offer an easy way to stick to your commitment to live a healthier, greener, and more environmentally conscious life.


Knowing how to dispose of waste can be tricky whether it’s a couch you no longer want or a broken TV. iRecycle brings together a national database of over 100,000 recycling and disposal locations for over 200 products. The app lets you specify the item you would like to dispose of and provides you with recycling options based on your location. It will also provide contact information for the recycling locations.


Are you tired of getting unwanted catalogs and flyers in the mail? Not only do they pile up, but they’re a waste of paper. PaperKarma is a photo based app that will eliminate unwanted mail and save trees. Take a picture of your junk mail, press submit, and PaperKarma will contact the distributors to remove you from the list. 

Joule Bug

You probably don’t realize it, but you do sustainable things every day. Joule Bug is a fun way to keep track of your sustainable activities while earning points, credits, badges and, best of all, it saves you money! Simple changes like using a reusable mug at your favorite coffee shop can earn you 5 points. Riding your bike to meet up with a friend for a drink will earn you 16 points. If you drink local, that’ll earn you 26 points. In addition to the credits, Joule Bug links to your utility account to show your savings. Make it a friendly competition and invite your friends to download the app and track their sustainable practices as well!

Try these out and start living Green! 

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