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2016 Greystar Green Awards Update

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Greystar Green July 20, 2016

The first round of the 2016 Greystar Green Awards closed at the beginning of June. We had record-setting participation this year, with over 80% of all Greystar properties completing the survey! We are ecstatic to better understand what many of our properties are doing to be more green and how they are incorporating different components of sustainability into their properties.

The Greystar Green Awards is an internal program designed to educate our community operations team members on sustainability while engaging and motivating them to action throughout their communities.  By taking that “next green step,” communities not only help reduce their carbon footprint, but make their communities a more desirable place to live.  In addition, it gives Greystar a means to tabulate and report on the results of community efforts nationwide. 

See the list below of some exciting highlights from the responses thus far:

  • 73% of communities ALWAYS replace appliances with Energy Star rated ones.
  • 70% of communities communicate with residents electronically, reducing the amount of paper waste.
  • 61% of apartment homes have digital programmable thermostats.
  • 65% of communities have convenient access to Public Transportation for their residents.
  • 65% of communities follow the Greystar @Home green blog posts.

At the end of June, nearly 300 communities are on track to receive a Green Award. The Green Awards will open up, once again, after Sustainable September. Keep your eye out for more information regarding Sustainable September and the Green Awards in the coming weeks. Talk to your community staff about ideas you have for your community to become even more green or ways in which you think other residents would like to get involved too. None of this is possible without all of your wonderful sustainable ideas! Keep being green!

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