Greystar joins forces with Bleublancrouge, L’Institut Idée, and A&C

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TORONTO - Greystar, a leading, fully integrated real estate company offering expertise in investment management, development and property management of rental housing properties globally, today announced that it has chosen agency Bleublancrouge (BBR) and its sister company L’Institut Idée (L’Institut), part of the Humanise collective, as well as strategic partner A&C to lead the branding,  placemaking, partnership and communication efforts for a new type of real estate brand in the United States.


“After a thorough search of notable North American firms, we’re pleased to have chosen BBR, L’Institut, and A&C as our partners for the branding stage of perhaps our most important branding endeavor to date,” said Neil Burton, Managing Director, Customer Strategy & Brand at Greystar London. “They brought together the relevant experience and energy, and demonstrated a real knowledge of what we need, and a strong commitment to helping us create something that will lead our category.”


Greystar announced in July 2017 that it had acquired Monogram Residential Trust, a substantial portfolio of apartment buildings predominantly in U.S. coastal cities from Los Angeles to Miami. This project focuses on the rebranding and reimagining of this portfolio into an innovative premium lifestyle offering for the urban apartment resident.


“We believe that as an urban apartment dweller, you should be able to enjoy a true sense of community at your residence that aligns with your evolving lifestyle preferences and values,” said Dustin Lovingood, Senior Director, National Marketing at Greystar.


“We’re incredibly proud and pleased to have been chosen by Greystar to co-create this new urban lifestyle brand,” said Wahn Yoon, President of BBR Toronto. “They’re committed to innovation and quality in their category, and we feel a tremendous sense of excitement around the prospect of taking their assets and shaping a highly desirable new brand in the market.”


Strategic communications and partnership firm A&C’s President Bonnie Hillman added, “We are drawn to this project because it’s innovative and forward thinking, and we thrive on working on the unprecedented, and know that we have true partners in Greystar. This has the potential of changing the way people approach an urban lifestyle in major U.S. cities.”


This isn’t the first time Greystar has innovated in the branding space. In the U.K., the company developed a new leading brand for student living called Chapter, which offers residents access to state-of-the-art facilities and amenities across properties. “That experience taught us a great deal, and we’re proud of the results. Now with the help of BBR and L’Institut, we intend to accomplish something equally, if not more, remarkable in the U.S. market where we are based,” said Burton.


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Greystar is a leading, fully integrated multifamily real estate company offering expertise in investment

management, development and property management of rental housing properties globally. Headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, with offices throughout the United States, UK and Continental Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific, Greystar operates in over 150 markets globally and is the largest operator of apartments in the United States, managing over 480,000 units/beds. Greystar also has a robust institutional investment management platform dedicated to managing capital on behalf of a global network of institutional investors, with approximately $31 billion in gross assets under management including more than $12 billion of developments that have been completed or are underway –  $9.9 billion in the U.S. and $2 billion internationally. Greystar was founded by Bob Faith in 1993 with the intent to become a provider of world class service in the rental housing real estate business. To learn more about Greystar, visit Data as of Q2 2018 but pro forma for inclusion of EdR transaction.



BBR is an integrated agency that is rapidly becoming one of the most influential in North America. For us, success is measured by an idea’s ability to create an impact that goes beyond the world of marketing; one that is powerful enough to anchor the brand into hearts and minds. Through our unique tools and co-creative approach, we have begun to redefine the client-agency relationship. We are proud to support international partners such as Toyota, Ubisoft, Marriott International and many more, contributing to their success on a daily basis. Visit to learn more.



L’Institut is a unique strategic consultancy that is a firm believer in the ability of the human mind to burrow into problems and locate astonishing answers. Employing our proprietary tools and participatory processes, we access, release and activate the insights, imagination and power hidden within organizations. In this way we enable our clients to achieve new understanding and strategic breakthroughs that will lead to previously unattainable levels of performance and success. For more information, please visit



A&C has been working as a communications and sponsorship collective in the Canadian marketplace for over 40 years. While we’ve evolved and grown our practice, client list, and how we approach the business, we’ve always stayed true to our core: developing exceptional, brand stories that deliver results.

We focus on developing and implementing communications and partnership strategies for a variety of private and public-sector clients. We have a demonstrated track record of working successfully with municipal and cultural properties, and we understand and excel within the complexity of multi-stakeholder communications environments. Our core team is diverse and collaborative, with senior leadership in sponsorship marketing, public relations, and communications and a client service team skilled in all aspects of communications,  including media relations, influencer strategy and execution, and leveraging social media.  For more information, please visit

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