Making a Big Impact

At Greystar, we strive to make a big impact. Sometimes making a small impact over thousands of homes creates the biggest returns. We created the Greystar Green Awards to challenge our associates, our owner clients, and our residents to develop more sustainable practices and lessen the environmental impacts at all of our communities.

Besides energy and water efficiency, sustainability practices include reducing waste, recycling and using recycled products, supporting carpooling and alternative transportation, and improving indoor environmental quality.

Greystar believes that energy management and sustainable practices enhance the financial value of the communities we manage and help to preserve the environment for future generations. The Company is fundamentally committed to minimizing environmental impacts through continuous improvement of our energy performance and through sustainable operating practices.

Sustainable September

In 2013, we celebrated the first Greystar SUSTAINABLE SEPTEMBER. Our corporate offices and communities, using internal resources and their imagination, created a number of projects that made small changes, every day, at our communities. We’re gearing up to make in an even bigger impact in 2014. Saving money... saving the planet.

2013 Sustainable September Photo Album

2014 Sustainable September Photo Album

2015 Sustainable September Photo Album

St. Tropez Apartments Sustainable September Contest

Energy Retrofits

There are many ways to save gas, electricity, and water on multi-family communities. Local utility companies across the country have rebate programs for energy-efficient lighting, HVAC, and water use. Some include free labor, making saving for the community and the residents free or very low cost. Check out the savings these communities receive using the Maryland Quick Home Energy Checkup Program.

Home Energy Check-Up Case Studies

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