Meet Our People - Eva Kiivit

About Eva


What attracted you to join Greystar?

I wanted a career change from commercial real estate to residential and Greystar offered more opportunities to grow.

What career opportunities has Greystar provided for you?

As a Community Manager at Chapter, I had the chance to learn the residential business and understand the model, the turnaround, etc. From there the development to Operations Manager in Multifamily gave me the chance to understand the different processes and dynamics that the Build-to-Rent sector had compared to Student. As a Regional Operations Manager, I have had the opportunity to positively impact the current set up, processes and support my team with knowledge that provides value. 

What keeps you at Greystar?

The ability to make a change and positively impact the business keeps me at Greystar. Being able to guide and lead others who can benefit from my experience and give them the tools to take initiative and grow is important to me. At Greystar, there is space for great personal and professional development.

What do you think differentiates Greystar as an employer?

The culture at Greystar is very different from other similar businesses, our core values trickle down from the top and our (my) job is for it to reach every single team member on site as well. The culture is dynamic, challenging and fast paced. There is a hunger for innovation or improvements within departments which I find extremely important in a property industry that can be very rigid and stern. Greystar provides career and development opportunities if you are driven to grow and learn. It is not a business that will spoon-feed you if you are not interested and rather provides challenges that you either rise to or not. 

What personal and professional development opportunities has Greystar encouraged?

Greystar has encouraged cross-departmental development to understand different areas of the business, very few employers have this on offer. There is also opportunity for mentoring and trade specific development.  

Working at Greystar