Meet Our People - Anneke Timmermans

About Anneke


What attracted you to join Greystar?

I started working for a Dutch real estate development & construction company, I enjoyed developing new concepts and projects but did not like that our involvement stopped at delivery. I was attracted to Greystar because we keep responsibility in the operational phase of the projects. This means we are mainly focused on resident satisfaction, can constantly improve our proposition and this makes us a better partner for municipalities and other long-term players in the market.

What career opportunities has Greystar provided for you?

I started working for the Development Team as a Project Manager and over time I moved my focus to acquisition and (pre)development, as part of the Investment Team. With our first development project nearing its completion, I focused on the lease up, helping the Operations and Support Teams in preparing for the opening. From this I was able to set up the Asset Management division for the Dutch office, building on the broad experience I’ve been able to achieve in my 3 years with the company.

What keeps you at Greystar?

The combination of market leading projects and concepts, inspiring team members from around the world and the possibility to constantly learn and grow keeps me at Greystar. There is also a certain level of “entrepreneurship” that allows me to take ownership of my works.

What do you think differentiates Greystar as an employer?

Greystar is one of the only parties in the Dutch real estate market that has resident satisfaction as its core business aim. 

What personal and professional development opportunities has Greystar encouraged?

By allowing me to change roles and positions and recognising that people can 'learn on the job', Greystar has aided my professional development. Currently, we as a team, are also exploring external education and mentoring so all employees can experience that added benefit.

Working at Greystar