The Greystar Advantage

The Greystar Advantage is a holistic business model proven to achieve operational and performance excellence. We capitalize on our strong position to pursue what we believe is a transformational opportunity to create unparalleled competitive advantages for our properties and meet the multifamily investment objectives of our clients. Spanning the property life cycle, and boosted by unmatched scale and resources, The Greystar Advantage combines disciplined operational strategy, robust core services, and value-added solutions to provide attractive, innovative opportunities to achieve a higher level of property performance.
Advantage Strategy

Through a disciplined strategy and process-driven approach, we create operational consistency to increase efficiencies, mitigate risk, empower our operators, and achieve performance excellence. Greystar standard best practices, processes, toolkits, and performance metrics range from accounting and financial management to marketing and reputation management to legal and regulatory compliance. We develop and implement programs, policies, and procedures, while continuously educating ourselves on — and providing guidance around — changing market dynamics, new regulations, and industry trends.

The Greystar Advantage Strategy

Through a highly disciplined, process-driven approach built upon standardized best practices, policies, and procedures, we drive operational consistency to increase efficiencies, mitigate risk, empower our real estate operators, and achieve performance excellence.

  • Business processes that clearly define what we do as multifamily management service providers
  • Systems, technologies, and toolkits to ensure consistency in how we operate our properties and serve our residents
  • Performance metrics to quantify our success in driving greater resident satisfaction and NOI

Our national infrastructure is designed to offer enhanced — yet cost-effective — core services that help local real estate operators achieve operational and performance excellence. Our scale and scope also allow us to offer services not available from other property managers, including a full-scale talent acquisition platform, property transitions team, and performance analytics group focused on compiling, analyzing, and interpreting vast data only Greystar can access. This data is the result of our presence in more than 140 markets nationally; it allows operators to make better-informed business decisions by helping them adapt to changing dynamics in real time, and increasing opportunities to optimize property performance.

  • Client Services
  • Commercial Management
  • Affordable Housing Compliance
  • Financial Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Performance Analytics
  • Procurement Management
  • Property Transitions
  • Risk Management
  • Sustainability
  • Talent Acquisition, Training, and Development
  • Technology and Business Systems
Advantage Solutions

The Greystar Advantage Solutions platform, a supplement to our core property management operations and Advantage Services, is unlike any other in the industry. It’s a best-in-class suite of value-added property product and service solutions is designed to optimize performance across all facets of property operations.

Advisory Services
  • Predevelopment
  • Due Diligence
  • Telecom Service
Technology Services
  • Leasing Automation
  • Online Resident Services
  • Revenue Management
  • Custom Consulting
Asset Protection
  • Resident Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Renovation Services
  • First-Party Recovery Practices
  • Debt Tracking
  • Real-Time Debt and Recovery
Utility Management
  • Billing
  • Bulk Purchasing