Melanie Lawrimore, the property manager at Cooper River Farms in Charleston, SC, was working at her desk when she saw two well dressed men approaching the clubhouse. 

“If you see prospects, you stand and greet,” she says. “That’s Greystar protocol.”

Thinking they may have been investors on a property tour, she treated them as she would any other future residents, with complete respect. After showing them around, one of the men casually mentioned he would need 13 apartments.

Lawrimore wasn’t sure she heard the man correctly and brushed off the comment as a joke. Surely he didn’t say 13 apartments! But after a few minutes, he repeated his unusual request. Once again, Lawrimore laughed it off.

But then the man introduced himself as Rob Concannon, President of the South Carolina Stingrays. The man with him was none other than Head Coach Ryan Warsofsky. Together they were looking for a new home for their players.

Apparently, they weren’t happy with the team’s current residence, and they liked the look of Cooper River Farms after driving by. So they decided to check it out for themselves.

This particular Greystar property wasn’t the only contender for the new home of the South Carolina Stingrays. There were two other communities in the running, but Lawrimore and her team far exceeded any expectations Concannon and Warsofsky had. They said their decision was easy.

Lease papers were drawn up and signed the very next day. A few weeks later, the staff of Cooper River Farms threw a welcome party for their new Stingray neighbors. Guests couldn’t wait to meet the team. Even a few previous residents of Cooper River Farms returned just to say hello (and maybe score a few autographs).

Charleston may be the home of the South Carolina Stingrays, but Cooper River Farms is the place they actually call home.