SkyGarden Apartments

28 Woolfe St
Charleston, SC. 29403-5510


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SkyGarden Apartments

Bedrooms: 0-4 | Bath: 1-4

Relax and enjoy college life in one of our 1,2,3 or 4 bedroom skyflats featuring incredible views of the downtown Charleston city skyline. Our luxury flats are fully furnished with designer selected leather furniture packages, 60 Samsung flat screen TVs, premium glass tile and plush carpeting throughout each unit-and there's more...Thought you left the comforts of home,! With roommate matching and stress-free individual leases that won't destroy friendships or keep you up worrying at night about bills, life at Sky Garden means carefree living so you can focus on what matters most.

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Community Highlights

Pet Friendly


Roommate Matching Stress-free Individual Leases Incredible Views Of Downtown Fully Furnished Luxury Flats Designer Selected Leather Furniture 60 Samsung Flat Screen TVs Premium Glass Tile Plush Carpeting Throughout

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