At Greystar, our first priority is client and resident satisfaction. So we’re committed to developing and constructing high quality living environments that are free of defects. This not only keeps the residents who live in the homes that we build happy, but also satisfies our valued equity partners and lenders. Our commitment to quality and your complete satisfaction emanates throughout our organization, from the highest positions of leadership to our on-site construction experts.

Good quality begins with good design. So we’ve established a systematic program of disciplined reviews of our plans and specifications to ensure that they’re complete and accurate with a goal of leaving nothing open to interpretation in the field.

This program includes the following reviews:

  • Architectural code compliance
  • Civil engineering code compliance
  • Site plan ADA / Fair Housing
  • Sound mitigation
  • Waterproofing
  • Geotechnical
  • Structural
  • Environmental

During construction, a series of third-party inspections ensure that all projects are built in compliance with the plans and specifications. These inspections are coordinated through Greystar’s Quality Control Program.

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